Very Hairy Bear

Yet another book that my librarian received and had out on the “New Books” table.  I just love to walk by there every week and see what “pops” out at me!

Very Hairy Bear by Alice Schertle and illustrated by Matt Phelan

Summary from the book jacket:

A very hairy bear doesn’t mind when his nose gets sticky with honey, wet from salmon fishing, or stung by bees…

But there’s something he does mind.

What could it be?

My Review:

I want to first start off by saying that I love the illustrations in this book.  They look like water colors, and the pages are not glossy, so it adds to the pictures.  I also love the descriptive language in this book.  For example: “Deep in the green gorgeous wood lives a boulder-big bear with shaggy, raggy, brownbear hair everywhere…”  I really think that children could picture the bear in their mind, even without the picture, but the picture just makes it so much better.  Just like the summary says, Very Hairy Bear deosn’t care about many things: a blue nose from blueberries, scolding squirrels, and bee stings to name a few.  There is one thing he cares about, but I would give the story away if I told you.  Once the author tells you, it would be interesting to see how children think bear could solve his problem.  A cute story!

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