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My First Blog Award!

Posted by shelburns on January 4, 2009

Can I just tell you, had the kids/grandkids not been here last night, I would have been jumping up and down for joy over this!  I had vowed not to get the computer out while they were here, but hubby needed a recipe that had been emailed to me, so I had to do it.  While I was online, I stopped in at The Bookworm’s Booklist and saw that she had received the Butterfly award.  I was excited for her, but even more so when I saw what she had posted…

After much thought, I have decided to pass the Butterfly Award on to the following fellow book bloggers! I really enjoy their blogs. They are beautiful, tasteful, informative, unique and enjoyable!

Would you believe that one of those beautiful, tasteful, informative, unique, and enjoyable blogs, was mine?  Me either.  I was shocked!  Little ol’ me who has only been blogging a short 3 months.  Thank you, Marietta, for your kind words and for the award.  I will treasure it always, as it is my first!

Now, for my nominees.  I chose these book bloggers as they are ones that have taught me so much about book blogging and whom I love for their posts that never cease to inform me, make me laugh, and inspire me.

A Novel Menagerie

Bermudaonion’s Weblog

Grow Wings

In Search of Giants

J. Kaye’s Book Blog

What do these 5 book bloggers need to do?  Add the Butterfly Award to their blogs by posting that they received the award. Then, turn around and honor their fellow book bloggers by giving them the award too! (Up to 10 bloggers)

9 Responses to “My First Blog Award!”

  1.   Kathy Says:

    You have a great blog, Shelly! I’m not surprised you got this award and I’m flattered that you’re passing it on to me. Thanks so much!

  2.   shelburns Says:

    Kathy, you are too sweet, which is one of the reasons I chose you!

  3.   Sheri Says:

    YEAH! I’m so happy! Cool!

  4.   J. Kaye Says:

    Thank you so very much! You have made my day!!


  5.   Sheri Says:

    Here’s my post, baby-doll. I gossiped about you!


  6.   Bonnie Says:

    I jumped over here from BermudaOnion’s blog and have to say congrats on your first award! I’m adding your blog to my google reader and will be checking back! Your blog looks great!!

  7.   jielea Says:

    Shelly you are the best! you deserve that a award.. Thanks for the informational ideas! keep posting to educate!

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