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I Am Moving!

Posted by shelburns on December 31, 2008

This blog has taken off more than I could have ever imagined and for that I am truly grateful!  Starting with Edubloggers was a no brainer since I am a teacher and I had planned on using the blog for my students, parents, and other teachers in my building as a way to chronicle what was happening in our classroom.  Well, when I was asked to take another position, my blog took a turn as well.  Now I am blogging about books and loving it!  It is time for my blog to grow with me. 

Thanks to a great blogging buddy, Aerin, who blogs over at In Search of Giants, I will be moving over to Blogger very soon.  I will make sure to keep you all posted as to when that will take place, include the link to get there from here as well as send out emails and tweets about the new address.  Things will go on here as usual until that happens.  I hope you will make the move with me and enjoy the new site for this blog.

3 Responses to “I Am Moving!”

  1.   Book Chook Says:

    There was so much to enjoy in 2008 but it’s been a very worrying time economically. I think a lot of people, like me, are hoping hard that 2009 will improve conditions for home owners and job seekers. For bloggers, I am convinced things will just get better and better.

    I’ll be very interested to see your new blog. Blogger and I have had some struggles but it is a big improvement on my website blog. I am exploring the button thing, too, and if I figure it out, I promise to make you one.

    My very best wishes to you for a blogtastic 2009!

  2.   Dawn - She Is Too Fond Of Books Says:

    Good luck with the move! I switched from wordpress.com to a self-hosted blog (still using wordpress) back in September. The move went smoothly, with just a bit of extra work to re-connect links, etc.

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